The Monday mortgage market update

Last week, Canadian government bonds declined significantly in terms of 2-year, 5-year, 7-year, and 10-year yields. Tracking bond yields is important because they help better understand fixed mortgage rates. For example, an increase in 10-year Canadian government bond yields is likely to increase fixed rates to 10 years. Ceaseless mortgage war According to the Financial

Credit for self-employment

The loan for self-employment is not always convenient in the application process and often difficult in the grant. Nevertheless, almost every entrepreneur relies on credit. Many entrepreneurs are therefore concerned with the question: How do start-up entrepreneurs and seasoned entrepreneurs cover their credit needs? Without knowing the answer to this question, any corporate governance is

Loan purchase: explanation and free simulation

Are your repayments too high and your debts preventing you from effectively managing your budget? Buying real estate loan may be the solution for you. The low level of rates leads many borrowers to question the interest of setting up a home loan buyout. This operation is profitable if it reduces the duration of borrowing

Commissioner for Financial Rights: Let’s start negotiations on foreign currency loans immediately!

The Financial Rights Commissioner is launching tripartite talks in nine days to solve the problem of 170,000 foreign currency-denominated families facing eviction. This was stated by György Doubravszky to the MTI News Center at a demonstration on Kossuth Square on Saturday. Held a demonstration in front of the Parliament Árpád Kásler, President of the Bank