The Financial Rights Commissioner is launching tripartite talks in nine days to solve the problem of 170,000 foreign currency-denominated families facing eviction. This was stated by György Doubravszky to the MTI News Center at a demonstration on Kossuth Square on Saturday.

Held a demonstration in front of the Parliament


Árpád Kásler, President of the Bank Debt Advocacy Organization, held a demonstration in front of the Parliament. Demonstrators from the region also attended the demonstration, which according to a MTI News Center correspondent said more than a thousand people attended. Many waved national flags, some held banners criticizing banks.
György Doubravszky reiterated that he would convene a tripartite working group to resolve the problems of foreign currency lenders.

It recommends that three experts from the Government


The Hungarian Banking Association and civil society organizations start negotiations immediately in order to reach a mutually agreed agreement as soon as possible.
The commissioner first proposes to clarify that foreign currency loans, or forint loans between currencies, have led to a hopeless situation for the debtors concerned.
He also proposes that the moratorium on evictions expiring on 1 March, with effect from 1 March, be extended to 45 days, starting with negotiations, with the common intention of extending the deadline by 45 days, depending on how the negotiations are going. .

The Financial Rights Commissioner

Said at a Saturday rally that his proposal, which he sent to the banking association and the government, says that they should sit down on the table after two weeks on Monday, in the words of which all parties are acceptable.
He stressed that the emotions should be dealt with in a professional way.

He hopes to find possible solutions by the fall. He stressed that a comprehensive proposal was needed because, in his view, the existing government solutions, which had solved certain partial problems, were no longer sufficient. (MTI)

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