It is true that the self-employed have an irregular income capacity, however, there are more and more financial institutions that offer this type of financial aid for the growth of small businesses or personal businesses. These are small business loans; intended for business projects.

These credits for entrepreneurs can be categorized according to the purpose of the same, that is, depending on our needs we will have to choose one type of financing or another. From a personal loan for our projects, as specialized financing for SMEs and freelancers; or even immediate mini-loans for impending expenses. A line of financing focused on those entrepreneurs who seek to solve financial problems or try to grow in the market through a monetary injection.

For free and without obligation, we analyze your profile through a questionnaire and show you the options you have to finance your personal project.

Request an online loan payday loan in a few minutes today

Online loans payday loans granted by alternative called carry a series of requirements necessary to grant them. It is true that some conditions or others will be required, but still, there are indispensable and common requirements for all.

  • The business must be developed in the territory.
  • Minimum annual billing levels are required.
  • The age of the company itself is taken into account, with a minimum time being necessary.

As we mentioned above, everything will depend on the type of business and loan we request. Since some credits for entrepreneurs only need to be of legal age and residents in Spain. Basically they refer to the minimum conditions of all credit.

Documents to deliver

In the case of being autonomous and requesting a loan for entrepreneurs, we will need to present documentation required by the financial institutions themselves. A way to study our solvency when facing different credit installments. Such as:

  • Freelance card
  • Declaration of income and assets
  • Age of our business
  • TIN
  • Social Security
  • Debt Report

As well as a breakdown of our income to validate our solvency and know if we can really meet the agreed fees.

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