A credit report that lenders do and are something you as an individual should know about. But what is a credit report? In fact, many people do not really know this and that is why we have written this article to help you. You can make better decisions with the right information and therefore we intend to give you this information.

What is a credit report?

What is a credit report?

A credit report is something that a lender does when applying for a loan. Many use UC, all major banks for example. However, there are other companies that can also do a credit check.

There are some large companies that deal with credit reporting. They have a register where all persons over 15 in Sweden are automatically included. Unfortunately, you have no right to be deleted from this register.

What information is displayed in a credit check?

What information is displayed in a credit check?

When a company does a credit report on you, they will see a lot of information, not just facts. Various advice can also be given regarding your finances and your credit rating.

All companies collect some information from state SPAR. Here they can see things like social security number, address, and name. This is to prove that you are who you say you are. It is, therefore, no idea to try to deceive the lender, the credit check will discover this very quickly.

Other information that appears with a credit check is, for example, income and ownership of a property. You can also see payment notes, unsuccessful bidding attempts and other things that are in the register of the Crown Prosecutor.

There are certain rules on payment default that companies must follow. This information may only be reported if:

  • It has been established by an authority or court,
  • It has led to a debt restructuring decision,
  • Easy to one or more canceled payments or
  • Easy to apply for a chord or bankruptcy

Be sure to know the laws and regulations that apply, then you are more ready when the lender takes a credit report on you to see if you should get a loan or not.

Credit information without UC:

Credit information without UC:

UC is a company that checks your credit rating. However, it looks bad if you have taken credit checks with UC many times, therefore many want to use other companies. There are several other companies that carry out these credit checks and many sms lenders, therefore, use these instead of UC. If you absolutely do not want to use UC, just find one of these and take your loan from them. More difficult than that is not to get a credit report done without UC.

Why is a credit report taken?

The biggest reason why a credit report is taken is that the lender wants to be sure of getting their money back. They, therefore, use a credit report to check if, for example, you have a payment note, an active debt with the Crown Prosecutor or if for some other reason you may not repay the loan.

This is the big reason why it is completely impossible to get a loan without a credit report, the lender will never trust you enough to give you that confidence.

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